Can A Winning Baccarat System Actually Exist?

June 5, 2010

The Challenge

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To increase my initial deposit of $75 into $10,000. My bets will start at the house minimum of $2.50, and slowly increase in accordance with my bankroll.


  1. I will play online baccarat in Bet365.  Why Bet365?  Cos they’re probably the best online casino for playing Live Baccarat (which means you actually get to watch the dealer deal the cards through a live web stream, thus no casino software involved at all, and no chance of cheating on the part of the casino)
  2. My bankroll will be divided into 30 units. The minimum bet for Bet365 Live Baccarat games are $2.50.  Thus $2.50 x 30 = $75, hence my initial bankroll of $75.
  3. I will only bet flat bets, no “increase-bet-as-you-are-losing/winning” progressive system. That’s because flat betting is the surest way to indicate whether my Baccarat system works or not, by comparing the total number of hands won versus the overall number played. Besides, I think all progressive systems are doomed to failure.
  4. I will maintain the same bet amount throughout the entire shoe. So for the first shoe, I will be betting $2.50 per hand till the shoe ends. ( Each card shoe in Bet365 Live Baccarat is about 50 hands long and around 1 hour in duration).
  5. Only bets on Player or Banker will be placed. Other kinds of bets, eg. Tie, Pair, Big/Small  will not even be considered, as the house edge for these types are far too high.
  6. If I manage to increase my bankroll after each shoe, I will divide the new increased amount into 30 units again, and adjust my bet amount upwards for the next shoe.    For example, after the first shoe, my $75 becomes $120 (using only flat bets of $2.50). Then for the next shoe, my bet amount will be increased to $120 ÷ 30 = $4 per hand.
  7. If my bankroll decreases (i.e. losses more than wins), then I will continue into the next shoe without changing the bet amount.   For example, if my bankroll of $120 goes down to $90 after the second shoe, then for the third shoe, my bet amount will still be $4 per hand. And if after the third shoe, the bet amount goes down yet again to $60, I will still continue to bet $4 per hand for the fourth shoe. In fact, as long as the bankroll does not get back up to $120, I will still continue to bet $4 per hand. Thus, bet amounts only increase after winning shoes, and stay unchanged after losing shoes.
  8. I will consider this system a failure when I am unable to make a single bet using the prevailing bet amount at that time. For example, if the bet amount is currently at $25 per hand, and my bankroll dips to $24, I will be unable to make a bet. When that happens, I will consider this system a failure.
  9. Thereafter, I will close down this blog, and accept the fact that the casinos can NEVER be beaten.
  10. This experiment should last about 2 weeks, so if this blog is still up after 2 weeks, then you’ll know that I’ve succeeded, and that a winning casino system really exists.

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